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This is a list of all the available sytles of flipstik! All style names correlate to the style names in the survey. If you have questions please email us at

flipstik: Stick and Mount Anything, Everywhere.

Introducing the world's first reusable, eco-friendly, kickstand, wall mount, selfie stick, gravity defying accessory for your phone...and beyond.


We are a team of designers and tinkerers (and a NASA engineer) (Thx Uncle Chris). We believe in sustainable solutions for life's challenges. For us, sustainability means equitable business practices that never forget stakeholders and celebrate diversity. U.S. corporations avg 6 Trillion in net profits every year. If every corporation pledged just 3%, we could raise $180 Billion dollars. Every. Single.Year. To solve issues like poverty, cancer, addiction, education, and environmental challenges like the ones affecting the gecko’s natural habitat: Rainforests. As of 2010 the avg total corporate donations (U.S.) were only $16 Billion. We pledge that 3% of our net profits will be donated to charity, forever. Find out more at

Please note that per Kickstarter guidelines, we cannot use this crowdfunding project to raise funds for charity. We will certainly support our beneficiary orgs outside of Kickstarter, and celebrate this commitment with our backer community.